Giovanny Cusme

The beginning of Cusme Charity 

Cusme Charity was born thanks to the experience gained over the years by Engineer Giovanny Cusme, by taking part in sporting events and fundraising on behalf of charities.

He gained experience in the volunteering sector at his local community in London and in work and educational activities while studying his Engineering Degree at London Metropolitan university.

On the other hand, Giovanny noticed the need for more Hispanic people to become professional and to represent the Hispanic community in the UK. This led Giovanny to think of an idea on which Cusme Charity would motivate and allow others to have the opportunity to become professionals. Therefore education became one of the fundamental structures of Cusme Charity.

Final year at London Met

Graduation Video

Giovanny graduated with Honours from London Metropolitan University in Electronic and Communications Engineering.

☚ Graduation video on the left.

Giovanny wanted to contribute to the educational community at London Metropolitan University thanks to the experience obtained with the volunteer work at his local community and wanted to obtain more professional and social experience.

During his university studies he contributed in positions such as:

Student Council 

The Student Council is the main representative body of the Students’ Union.

There Giovanny took discussions and debated issues which were of interested and concerned to the students.

Student Council Team

☜ Student Academic Representative (StAR)

Every course at London Met has a Student Academic Representative (StAR). They are students elected by their peers to represent the voice of students on that course.

Giovanny was elected twice by the students and he rolled was to sit on course committee meetings and other faculty committees, representing the views of students.

  • He gave students a voice in the decision-making process.
  • He toke up and act on concerns on behalf of student and provided feedback to the University.
  • He keep the students informed and up-to-date on the current issues by the University and Students’ Union.

Student Ambassador ☞

As a student ambassador, Giovanny worked with the outreach teams by leading and supporting the delivery of the variety of educational activities with young people aged 11-18 years of age.

  • He also represented the university at open days, UCAS fairs and other public events.
  •  He held stand-alone student talks
  • He had workshops
  • He was part of the mentoring group

Giovanny’s contribution gave the school/college students an insight into the day-to-day academic and social life of university students, as well as promoting student aspiration, achievement and progression into higher education.

☜Pear Mentor “Teacher assistant”

Working with first and second year students and also provide one-to-one advice by individual arrangement. The sessions occurred at seminars, workshops, labs, studios or during separate timetabled meetings, depending on the subject/course.

To qualify as a Pear Mentor I needed to have a strong academic record and interpersonal qualities to support other students’ learning, this included a clear communication, respect, empathy, friendliness and commitment.

In 2010 and 2011, Giovanny received and achievement award for by the Councillor, Mouna Hamitouche, Mayor of Islington by contributing to the learning of other students as a Peer Mentor.

Based on these experiences at University, he realised the importance of sharing the knowledge obtained with others, which is why education is the core element of Cusme Charity.