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Cusme Charity Headquarters

In July 2016, Cusme Charity begins to work on leadership training, to empower them as ambassadors in either Education, Sport or Motivation.

Our Ambassadors are the leaders who represents and coordinates activities related to their area of support.

At Cusme Charity we believed that

“good leaders should lead by example”

and our ambassadors always deliver example with actions.

Each Ambassador has the privilege of representing Cusme Charity in and outside the UK, with this work contributing to our local communities.

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Sport Ambassadors

A Sports Ambassador of Cusme Charity is in charge of coordinating the volunteers and events.

  • They carry out campaigns to promote the activities and to look for volunteers who wish to participate and despite being a coordinator.
  • They have the opportunity to join the group and take part in the sport event.

Paul Robinson 

Boxing | LONDON | UK Leader

Umar Sadiq

Boxing | LONDON

Stalin Morales

Cycling | LONDON

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Education Ambassadors

The Education Ambassador of Cusme Charity is the leader who serves as an example for other students according to their area of study.

  • They are responsible for creating groups and events at their place of study
  • Their aim is to recruit students to join and participate in the activities that will make them grow professionally.

Bryan Espinoza

Architecture | LONDON

Josselyn Valarezo

Business  | LONDON

Motivation Ambassador

The Motivation Ambassadors of Cusme Charity whether in Dance, Music or other cultural activity, is the leader who coordinates events related to one of the two areas, on behalf of Cusme Charity.

  • They give support to the new members in the activity career.
  • They put them in contact with recognised individuals and institutions that can help them grow in their environment.

Mike Kalle

Music | LONDON

Licky Jordan

Music | Bolivia | UK

Prison Ministry 

Community Support | UK

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